2021 Speaking Engagements 

  1. Presentation on "Forecast and Outlook for IT with the New Administration" for SIMCAC - Jan

  2. Moderating a Panel discussion on "Back to Work? Impact of the Corona Vaccine on Business Operations" -  Feb 

  3. SXSW Talk on "What, Why, and How of Responsible AI" - March 18th 

  4. Consumer Product Safety Commission) AI/ML day presentation titled “Implications of AI/ML in consumer products” - March 2

  5. RioT podcast - "Disrupting the World Through Emerging Tech"

  6. March International Women’s month - Girls in AI hackathon - week long event for middle and high school girls (mentors, speakers, prizes) 

  7. IEEE panel discussion on “Trends in Virtual Education” April 

  8.  SHe can Code IT talk about career pivot “ How to build a career in AI/ML/Data Science?” April 27th

  9. NVTC  Impact AI Summit panel discussion on “AI Delivers Innovation, Accuracy and Hope to Healthcare” May 11 

  10. ACT-IAC presentation of CODA at Health Innovation Summit - June 9th 

2020 Speaking Engagements 

  1. Panelist on AI Ethics - ACT-IAC emerging technology COI meeting - Mar.17

  2. Moderating a Panel discussion on "Responsible AI: Is policy and regulation essential?" - Mar 30

  3. Panel discussion on "How AI is used to test, triage and treat Covid -19" - May 6

  4.  "Why Data Analysis and Modeling is important to Covid-19?"discussion - May 20 

  5. "Lessons in leadership with science and technology" a presentation - May 27

  6. "Tailoring Emerging Technologies for Entrepreneurship in developing nations like Nigeria" an interview and presentation for Nigerian students, May 29 

  7. "Future Proofing your digital strategy" a presentation for Startups - May 30  

  8. "Cultural AI: Diverse Datasets, where are they hidden?", discussion - Jun.10 

  9. Panelist on Isociety's (London,UK)  “How can immersive technologies advance education and professional learning and create new possibilities for continuous development?” Jun.11

  10. Discussion on "Cultural AI: Heritage and Healthcare", Jun.17 

  11. Keynote presentation "Lessons for the fourth industrial revolution", Opportunity Hub, Jun.22 

  12. Interviewed on "Women in AI and Technology" Global AI Hub, Switzerland, Jul.7

  13. Panel discussion on "Cultural AI: Context for Brands", Jul.22

  14. Global Summer 2020 AI/ML Fest – Presentation on AI for business users: From Pilot to Production, Jul. 31

  15. ChickTech conference – Keynote Presentation on Accelerating Innovation through diversity in AI  - Aug. 27 

  16. World Academic Summit – Panelist on Ethics in AI "Mirror, mirror: Creating responsible AI that reflects society requires international collaboration" - Sept.1

  17. Women in AI Global Summit – Moderator, "Ethical implications and Social impact of autonomous vehicles" - Sept.8 

  18. G2X Disrupt Tech FedHealth IT Awards, Panelist on Intelligent Automation  - Sept.16

  19. Panel Discussion: Building Ethical Technology For DataEthics4all - Sept.17

  20. Webinar on " Ethics & AI: Computer Science, Gender and Intersectionality" by Elsevier (London,UK) - Oct.7 

  21. Keynote “The chosen paths that affect our future…” ,Netherlands, WAI Datathon - Oct.12 

  22. Presentation on "How to expedite your AI journey" - Wai Talk , NYC- Oct.15

  23. Leading by innovation: AI, IT, and the new normal [Panel  discussion],  ManageEngine ITCON Digital 2.0, APAC, Oct.15 

  24. AI ethics discussion "Trustworthy AI - A New Frontier in Privacy & Ethics" -ACT-IAC ELC Conference, Oct. 29

  25. UK conference Tech Week Humber, Keynote on "How to accelerate innovation using AI" - Nov.11 

  26. SoapboxScience, Philadelphia presentation to school students "You cannot spell Artificial Intelligence without Art, why AI needs the human touch", Nov.13 

  27. Discussion on "How to build inclusive smart cities and communities?", Dec.17 


Previous Years Speaking Engagements

  • AI Presentation at Foresight Sandbox (in collaboration with Amy Zalman, Fururist and Georgetown Professor) -  2019

  • Ethics in AI presentation  at ACT-IAC Conference – 2019

  • Gender Bias in AI : From Conflict to Compromise, a panel discussion - 2019

  • Keynote on "SciFi to Reality: Use cases of Practical AI Applications", Future of Technology Summit - 2019 

  • Explainable AI : A peek at the brains behind AI, panel discussion - 2019

  • Panelist on AI at CGI Federal Event – 2019

  • Presentation on AI at Capital One – 2019

  • Panelist on Johns Hopkins Carrey Business School Design Thinking Workshop – 2019

  •  Explainable AI, A peek into the brains behind AI - 2019 

  • TED Talk Tysons – Semi-finalist – 2019

  • Applied AI : Use cases of AI in business and government - 2018 

  •  Women in Technology Summit "You cannot spell Artificial Intelligence without Art, why AI needs the human touch" – 2018

  • The essential checklist for a Blockchain startup - 2018 

  • Presentation on How to use IoT to build profitable products 

  • WIT Connect – 2018

  • ​Panel discussion on "The Science of Confidence: Empowering Women in Technology” hosted by Excella Consulting

  • Ethics in AI presentation at ScienceLogic - 2018 

  • AI presentation at MicroStrategy – 2018

  • Presentation of how to launch a technology product – 2017

  • Keynote at Startups Ignite 2016 Fall Summit